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Park Information

1. What time does the park open?
(1) The park usually opens at 9:00. Time to close depends on the season. So please look at Park Hours.

2. When is the park closed?

(1) Were open throughout the year except Dec. 31, Jan. 1, the third Monday and Tuesday in Jan. But in the case of natural disaster such as a typhoon, we may be closed. Please make sure we are open.

3. How can we get there?

(1) About 5 minutes drive from the Higashisefuri Interchange on the Nagasaki Expressway. About 15 minutes walk from Kanzaki or Yoshinogari Koen Station on the JR Nagasaki Line. Please look at For more information

4. Is there any parking?

(1)There are East and West Entrance Parking. Each parking lot is open at 9:00. Parking rates are 1,000 yen for a large vehicle, 300 yen for a standard vehicle and 100 yen for a motorcycle. An annual passport holder is free to park a standard vehicle and a motorcycle.

5. Tell us about fees.

(1) Please look at the following page for each.
Fees(AdmissionParking rates)
Free Admission for the handicapped(AdmissionParking rates for the handicapped)
Fees of Workshops(Making beadsMaking a fire etc.)

6. Do you have any admission-free day?

(1) Admission was once free on May 4, May 5(only child), and two days in October. (Except parking and workshop fees, etc.)

7. Is there any transportation in the park? Is it all right to bring a bike into the park?

(1) An electric mini-bus (for the elderly) runs through three stops within the park. Entry of a vehicle or a bicycle into the park is prohibited for preservation and use of the Yoshinogari ruins. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

8. Do you have a stroller and a wheelchair for rent?

(1) Rent-free strollers and wheelchairs are available at each entrance.

9. Is the Park friendly to the elderly and handicapped? Is the park barrier-free?

(1) An electric mini-bus is available for the elderly and those in need of assistance.
There are many rest stations, so please come and enjoy. Slope for a wheelchair and multipurpose restrooms with a baby crib are also equipped. We have improved barrier-free facilities.

Can we bring our lunch into the park? Is there a restaurant?

(1) You may bring your lunch.

(2) We have a restaurant. Please look at RestaurantGift Shop for opening hours and menu.

11. Can we have a barbecue?

(1) You can enjoy at barbecue garden. Please bring utensils including a barbecue grill and food yourself. Free cart for carriage is available at the West Service Center.

(2) Please book for a barbecue and a cart at the West Service Center by 14:00.

12. What should we do if it rains?

(1) In that case, you can take shelter in the Historical Park Center, open reconstructed structures, exhibition rooms and rest houses.

13. Can we take a pet into the park?

(1) You can enter with your pet except the buildings. Please ask the staff details.

14.Can we enter the park for events or workshops-purpose only?

(1) Please ask for permission to Administration Center two months in advance (Phone: 0952-55-9333).
Please look at  Prior Permission Required for details.

15.Can we camp?

(1) Were afraid of not within the park. A campsite is at Tom Sawyer no Mori in nearby Yoshinogari-town. Please refer to Yoshinogari-town website.

16. Are there any sightseeing spots and accommodations nearby?

You can visit Kunen-an, Shimomura Kojins birthplace, Saga Castle History Museum, Okuma Shigenobus memorial museum, Mt. Sefuri and Chenopodiaceae field. Please look at Asobo-Saga(Saga Prefectural Tourist Federation) for sightseeing and accommodations.

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Group Information

1.Tell us about group rates.

(1) Group rates are available for parties of twenty and over.

2.Do you have any activities to a group?

(1) You can enjoy disc golf free of charge, including the course. Disks are available at each gate. Clubs and balls of putt-putt golf are also available.

3. Can we reserve the parking space?

(1) Were afraid not, but please contact Administration Center when coming by large buses. (Phone: 0952-55-9333)

4. Is there a place a group can have a meal all together?

(1) A restaurant is available. Also, eating outdoors such as at Yayoino Ono or Matsuri no Hiroba, is recommended.
We take a reservation of seats and lunch boxes to go at Yoshinogari Historical Park restaurant. (Phone: 0952-55-9205)

5. Please gather and eat at a multipurpose hall on a rainy day.

6. Can you take a group photo? Are there any good spots to take a picture?

(1) The below is recommended. View of the Main Shrine in the Northern Inner Enclosure seen from Nakanomura, Watchtower in the southern west of the Southern Inner Enclosure, Pit Dwellings viewed from the southern side of the field

7. Is there a rest house for a driver?

(1) We provide the one next to the parking space for large vehicles in the East Parking.

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