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Group Information


Adult (15 and up) 280 yen
Child (elementary and junior high school students) 40 yen
Children under six years of age free

* Group rates apply for groups of 20 or more visitors over six years of age.

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For visitors interested in group plans (including spacial activities),please fax or mail the application form to Yoshinogari Management Office.

Receipts for group plan visitors will be available on the day of entrance at the group entrance gate.

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Group leaders should inform Park staff before entering. Staff may be located at the Higashi Entrance Information Counter or Nishi Entrance Service Center.

For special activities, please pay in advance.

Please review schedules and meeting places before entering the Park, owing to no public address systems.

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Fire-making 30 min
100 yen/set
2-3 members per set
Earthen Flute making 45 min
100 yen
Stone pendant making 1 hour
200 yen or 250 yen
  • Please apply at least two weeks in advance.
  • Only one special activities program per group, please.
  • Activities requiring fire will be cancelled due to rain or high winds.
  • Program times are estimates only.
  • Special activity times can be staggered for large groups.
  • Tools used in special activities are the exclusive property of the Park.

No reservations are required for the following activities:

"Ringing copper bells"
"Handling earthenware"
"Wearing Yayoi period costumes"

  • Schools in Saga Prefecture should apply through the Education Ministry's Office.

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