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Being recognized as a very important historical and cultural asset, Yoshinogari Historical Park was created to not only preserve the Yoshinogari ruins but to also act as a learning center. The Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport and Saga Prefecture have designated this area an urban park.

Spreading over 117 hectares, Yoshinogari Historical Park is currently divided into three main sections. "The Entrance Zone" holds a mini-theater and restaurant in the Historical Park Center. "The Moat-Encircled Zone" holds the main village, MINAMINAIKAKU, the residential area of the rulers of this ancient "nation state", and KITANAIAKAKU, which was used for ancient ceremonies and festivals. And finally, "the Ancient Field Zone" (approximately 20 hectares) which is used by visitors for various recreational activities.

Now in development is "the Ancient Forest Zone" which will recreate the forest habitat of ancient Yayoi. Study centers and campsites will be located here.

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