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Rules and Regulations

[Please abide by the following rules]
1. Please review schedules and meeting places before entering the Park, owing to no public address systems.

2. Please refrain from eating and drinking when inside reconstructed buildings and other structures.

3. Smoking in not permitted in the Park except in designated areas.

4. Please do not leave any trash in the park.

5. Please be careful when using interactive displays.

6. Please note that the Park cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur due to visitor carelessness.

7. Only bicycles are allowed into the Park.

8. Please use the vending machines available in rest areas.

9. Please be respectful of other visitors to the Park.

10. Please avoid areas designated by management as restricted.

11. In case of adverse weather, please follow the broadcasted instructions.

12. Please follow any other instructions given by attendants in the Park.

[Additional Rules]

1. Please do not pick plants nor catch animals within the Park.

2. Please avoid hazardous areas such as ponds and other off-limit areas.

3. Marketing and advertising are prohibited within the Park without the express permission of the Management Office.

  • Distributing and selling of goods
  • Use of the Park in any promotional items
  • Soliciting or surveying
  • Meetings, sports competitions or public displays

4. Fires are not allowed except in designated areas.

5. Please ask the Park staff for clarification on any of the rules.

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